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The original Glassworks Services Limited company continues to supply pallet  quantities of raw materials - Sodium Sulphate, Selenium, Cobalt Oxide, Iron Silicate, Anthracite, Chromium Oxide, Nickel Oxide, Copper Oxide and Cerium Oxide  the original family company Glassworks Services Limited can still help you - contact the team on 01709 770801

Glassworks Services Ltd


Supplying Materials to Glass Makers since 1987

Specialising in the supply of metal oxides and raw materials for machine made and hand made glass - Glassworks Services was set up by Bill Simpson after 35 years as a glassmaker and as the technical director of a manufacturer of raw materials.    From 2000, we diversified into supplying Kugler Colors for hot glass studios, base glass nuggets and batches, polishing powders and glass makers tools.

In 2006 our connections in the ceramics industry led the family to set up Simba Materials Limited to buy out one of our glaze making customers and start to supply ceramic studios, artists, colleges and schools with a wide range of products -  go to CTM Potters Supplies for more info.  Since summer of 2023 Simba Materials Limited now runs both the sales to the Handmade Glass craft sector and Ceramic craft sector.

From 100 gm to 5 tonne lots we can supply a wide range of metal oxides : Antimony, Chrome, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc etc

Metal Oxides

To support the remaining studios that melt their own glass we do usually stock Sand, Limestone, Soda Ash, Barium, Zinc Oxide, Antimony, Pot Nitrate etc

Glass Making Materials

If there is a material you need, and we do not stock it for glass making, there is a good chance our sister business CTM Potters Supplies has it - so please ask us.

Ceramic Making Materials

Jim and Liz have made glass makers tools for friends since the late 80’s but, as Jim says, beer stopped being legal tender in 1994 when he went to the Glass Art Society trade fair and started selling “tools that feel right in your hand and that you feel right owning - tools that do exactly what you want, every time you pick them up”. We stock the most popular ones and usually order from Jim and Liz about once every three weeks.

Produced in Neugablonz, Bavaria by the Friedrich family since 1985, the Kugler coloured glasses for hot glass blowers are respected throughout the world as the standard by which others work to.  From our store in Doncaster you can choose from the vast range of approx 100 blowing colours which we stock in rod, powder, and the most popular frit sizes. We can bring in for you other colours from Kugler’s blowing range and other sizes on our weekly order.    

We stock three plasters and various sizes of molochite, quartz and silicas, corderite and firebrick grogs.

Plasters and Grogs

Glassworks Services has operated a quality management system since 1996, meeting various new introduced standards over the years. It continues to operate its own internally audited system to ensure cost effective quality continuous improvement, and to monitor that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

Quality Management

Safety / Other Studio ItemsGlass NuggetsSafety / Other Studio ItemsSafety / Other Studio Items


Over  the years we have been asked if we can get many,many items for glass studios.

We usually have the following items in stock in Doncaster.

Safety / Other Studio Items

We have put together some information regarding redox and the melting of glass based on 60+ years of helping people with their container glass melting

Melting Advice.

A brief description of what colours are created by different metal oxides and carbonates and how their interaction with other materials can give different results.

Coloured Glass / Oxides

Jim MooreKulgerMaterials

Kevlar gloves from thin liners to heavy duty, kevlar sleeves in various lengths, anti-UV safety goggles and spectacles, dust masks, half face respirators and replacement pads.

Safety Wear Polishing

You can order from our store in Doncaster a wide range of polishing powders for cold glass working :

Silicon Carbide, White Aluminium Oxide, Pumice, and Auerpol - cerium based polishing powder replacing Regipl

We also have materials used in lapidary such as : Red Iron Oxide Rouge, Yellow Ochre, Green Chromium Oxide Rouge, Zinc Oxide, Talc.

Also stocked are a small range of felt and brush wheels, hand pads, etc



Jim Moore ToolsKugler Colors




We have put together some information regarding redox and the melting of glass based on 60+ years of helping people with their container glass melting

Annealing Chart

From a number of sources we have put together an Annealing Chart and general advice regarding glass thickness and the impact on annealing times of opaque glass